Lifestyle Family Photo Session :: Colorado Springs

When you have been dreaming about something for so long, you desperately want everything to go well. I was so nervous for my first official family photo session with my dear friends, Jessica and Keith. I felt confident in my photography skills, but orchestrating the perfect session is a completely different beast. Would we get the shots I had in my mind? Would they be able to relax in front of the camera? Would the weather cooperate after raining for an entire month? Would I be able to capture their family and their bond like I had hoped?

As soon as we started with our first round of photos, all of my worries went away! The lighting was gorgeous! The location we chose was stunning! And the family? Well, the family gave me everything I could dream of. They loved on each other, they laughed, they played. I am so happy with how my first session turned out and it was honestly a dream come true.

My daughter joined me for this shoot as my assistant. As she was scrolling through the photos on our drive home, she kept on saying “oh, I love this one!” and “oh, this is so cute!”. I knew we had nailed it! Honestly, the hardest part of this session was choosing which photos to edit because there were so many good ones!

Thank you to this dear family for taking a chance on me and sharing your beautiful family with me. I hope you all cherish these photos for a life time. I know I will cherish this session for my entire career as a photographer.

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